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The 2019 Session of the Mississippi Annual Conference took place in the Jackson Convention Complex (JCC) from Wednesday, June 5 through Saturday, June 8, 2019. Approximately 1,331 members attended the conference. You can find all links, videos, media and reports related to annual conference here as reports are concluded and updated. 


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2020 General and Jurisdictional Conference Delegates 

Opening plenary began and clergy and lay members voted on delegates for 2020 General and Jurisdictional Conferences. Click here to view the list of delegates.


Resolution #1 Prayer: ADOPTED
Encourages all Mississippi United Methodists to participate in regular, dedicated prayer for the Mississippi Annual Conference, the Global Church and our bishop.
Resolution #2 Housing/Rental Allowance for Retired and Disabled Ministers: ADOPTED
Required by the IRS to allow those ministers to set aside a portion of their compensation for Housing Allowance.

Resolution #3 Petition on Human Sexuality: TABLED INDEFINITELY
Declares the Bible is the final authority on what is holy and unholy and establishes the conditions in which all men and women can have harmonious relationship with God.
Aims to remove all age limits imposed on licensing school for full-time and part -time local pastors.  
Resolution #5 Do No Harm: ADOPTED
Seeks to be in holy conversation with all persons as beloved children of God with sacred worth and equal value.
Resolution #6 Discontinue Karen Oliveto as a Bishop of the UMC: REFERRED TO DELEGATION
Asks General Conference to “provide for the discontinuance” of Karen Oliveto as a bishop of The United Methodist Church for unacceptability, by removing such person from such position and declaring such position vacant.
Resolution #7 Require General Conference Ratification of Bishops: REFERRED TO DELEGATION
Resolution #8 Merge Western Jurisdiction into South Central Jurisdiction REFERRED TO DELEGATION
Requests a merging of the two jurisdictional conferences.
Resolution #9 A Conscientious Dissent from the Traditional Plan: NOT ADOPTED
Condemns the decision of the 2019 General Conference to pass the Traditional Plan and apologizes for the harm that it has caused LGBTQ+ persons, their families, their friends and the body of Christ.

Voting Devices and Name Badges

If you still have your voting device, please contact Rev. Trey Harper at the conference office at 601.354.0515 or

If you still have your name badge from annual conference turn them in to your district office

Mission Service: Moved to Serve

Mission service was a time for word and worship and a continuation of a day of mission project that took place throughout the conference May 4, themed, “Moved to Serve.” This year’s mission service was unique in that in addition to having Bishop Swanson deliver the message from John 17:20-23, he also gave a call to action for everyone to help grab the materials they dropped off at conference earlier in the week to assemble health kits for disaster response ministries. The goal was to complete 10,000 kits and packers exceeded that number so much so that kits will also be dispersed at United Methodist community centers throughout the state. The final count of health kits reached approximately 15,000. The total amount collected for the mission service offering--including donations from David Stotts' Christmas in June Fund that took place Saturday morning-- came to $112,546.95. Donations from the mission offering will benefit Mississippi disaster recovery. This service also caught the attention of WAPT, a local news station in Jackson that featured a story on the event.

Ministerial Education Fund (MEF) Offering

The grand total of donations collected for the MEF offering during ordination service on Friday night was $4,831.33.

Photo Albums from the 2019 AC Session on Flickr:
Wednesday, June 5
Thursday, June 6
Friday, June 7
Saturday, June 8

Videos of 2019 AC Session

Even those not on Facebook can experience events and worship as if they were there in person on Livestream.

The 2019 Circuit Rider Souvenir Journal

You are invited to read this issue of The Circuit Rider Souvenir Journal with an empty cup and a sense of expectancy, as it was designed to fill your heart with joy and share the kingdom experiences happening right here on earth—in Mississippi to be exact—in many difference faith community sizes, cultures and ministries.
As you peruse this issue, you’ll find stories demonstrating how no task is too hard for the Holy Spirit working within all of us, who is The POWER that makes us One. Click here to view the 2019 Circuit Rider Souvenir Journal. 

Disaffiliation Ratification by Annual Conference in Compliance with the new 2016 Book of Discipline Paragraph 2553 

Conference treasurer, director of finance and administration and benefits officer, David Stotts and conference trustee chair, Rev. Tim Prather shared a video with the conference to help everyone deepen their understanding of the disaffiliation process as it pertains to paragraph 2553 in The Book of Discipline. Those attending also had access via the conference app and website to review Judicial Council Decision No. 1379 and the Judicial Council Ruling on Paragraph 2533. For more details on disaffiliation, refer to page 20 and 21 in The Circuit Rider Souvenir Journal

The Disaffiliation Agreement must now be “ratified by a simple majority of the members present and voting” at a duly-called session of annual conference, as required by Judicial Council Decision 1379 and paragraph 2529.1b(3). The following local churches have held a church conference, in compliance with paragraph 246.8, 248 and 2553.2-.3 of the professing members present at the church conference local church voted to disaffiliate from The United Methodist Church:

Coy UMC #5090 Meridian 790 84
Dennis UMC #6051 New Albany 796 77
Mt. Evergreen UMC #6241 New Albany 800 73
Tabernacle UMC #9173 Starkville 805 68
Whitehall UMC #9570 Starkville 796 75
Pleasant Grove UMC #10214 Tupelo 802 70
Oak Hill UMC #10451 Tupelo 801 71

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