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Renfro Trust Grant

The Renfro Trust Fund awards annual brick-and-mortar grants to small rural United Methodist congregations in the Southeastern Jurisdiction. Renfro Trust Funds are available for award with a deadline for application determined by the annual conference of the church which is submitting the grant application. Click here for more details about the grant. 

Applications must be submitted to the office of connectional ministries no later than July 15 each year. You may email your application to with "Renfro Grant Application" in the subject line or by regular mail to: 

Office of Connectional Ministries, Attention: Renfro Grant

320-C Briarwood Drive

Jackson, MS 39206.

 Local Church Racial/Ethnic Ministries Grant

Grants up to $10,000 will be available this fall from Discipleship Ministries to strengthen the leadership training, small groups, worship, stewardship and spiritual formation in ethnic local United Methodist churches.
Special consideration will be given this year to programs that promote racial reconciliation involving leadership with young people. Find requirements for the grant here. Applications must be submitted to the office of faith community formation no later than September 1. 

You may email your application to with "Local Church Racial/Ethnic Ministries Grant" in the subject line or by regular mail to: 

Office of Faith Community Formation, Attention: Local Church Racial/Ethnic Ministries Grant

320-F Briarwood Drive

Jackson, MS 39206.

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